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Ale & Argument (Men's Group)

We all have questions about life, including spiritual issues – it is good to 'air' them, 'discuss' or 'debate' them! We have found that us men enjoy engaging in such things and we firmly believe that every question should be explored and that no question is silly or irrelevant. Accordingly, the men of our church meet up every two weeks on a Wednesday evening (7.30pm) to have these discussions or “arguments” !! The dictionary definition of “argument” that we choose to apply here is not one of hostility or aggression – it is “ an exchange of views or challenging or justifying ones views through open discussion.” We have a lot of fun doing this too!

It is helpful to have a neutral venue for such activities and thus we choose to meet at a pub – currently The Whitestone Pub in Thornhill Drive. This does not mean you have to be an “ale” drinker to attend!

All guys are welcome, whether a church-goer or not and we are open to any topic being discussed. Feel free to call the Church Office on 024 7767 2345 if you would like any further information

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