Ian’s Poem

The Best That We Can Be

When we gently sleep God stirs our dreams into ambition,

evil wants to seep in and the Devil steal our mission;

firmly grip your goal, my friend, God wants us to fulfill,

He has great plans for our future, oh watch out we have free will.

Raise with each new day and hear God’s message free,

He gave us the spirit within, to be the best that we can be;

we are protected within the Trinity, love and forgiveness works it out,

God can change your world, your mind, your life, there’s no need to ever doubt!

So let’s forget distraction, it’s the Devil again at play,

Gods waiting for our prayers and for us to seize the day;

with perspective our eyes are opened and sight restored to see,

that God is here to guide us, to live life, to serve and be.

14th August 2023

Written by Ian Barson